Ends at 1:00 PM 12/30/2022

Stake's Weekly Giveaway

Wager to earn tickets into a giveaway where anybody can win. Just one ticket could see you sharing in $50,000+ every single week. With $1,000 wagered equating to one ticket, earn as many tickets as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning big!

Ends at 7:00 AM 1/23/2022

UFC 270 - Ngannou vs Gane Triple Winnings

If Francis Ngannou gets the victory AND ends the fight early, you'll earn TRIPLE WINNINGS!

Ends at 5:37 AM 5/15/2022

Stake x Watford - Dogecoin Drops!

During the EPL season, we will be giving away a BIG amount of Dogecoin for every match that Watford win in the Premier League!

Ends at 10:38 PM 5/22/2022

Watford F.C First Goal Payout

If Watford score the first goal in any EPL match, we'll pay all Watford bets out as a winner!

Ends at 9:00 AM 1/31/2022

Australian Open - 4+ games up, you win!

In any men's or women's singles match, earn a payout on your bets if your selection goes 4+ games up in any set, but goes on to lose!

Ends at 1:00 AM 5/15/2022

EPL - Early Goal Payout

Place a bet on English Premier League matches, and get paid out if your selection scores in the first 15 minutes!

Ends at 12:00 PM 2/6/2022

African Cup of Nations - 60' Minute Payout

From the Knockout Stage until the end of the tournament, earn a payout on your selection if they lead at the 60th minute!

Ends at 2:00 PM 5/3/2022

NFL, NBA & NHL Double Winnings!

Double Winnings for seven straight days? That's correct, experience double winnings across the NFL, NBA and NHL for seven days straight, with our Stake traders picking parameters each day that will well and truly see you betting smarter!

Ends at 1:05 AM 4/11/2022

NBA 16+ Payout

For a third year in a row? The punters favourite promotion is back for another NBA season! Lead by 16+ points in ANY NBA match, and get paid out as a winner!