Promotional Content November 30, 2022 - December 25, 2022

Stake's 25 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Celebrate 25 days of Christmas on Stake with an announcement every single day.

Stay tuned to our Telegram every day at 1 am GMT to learn how we'll be celebrating Christmas!

1st December: Monthly Bonus

2nd December : 3x Bonus Drops per day until the 25th!

3rd December : Eddie's $100k Xmas Stream!

4th December: 12x $2,000 Twitter Giveaways!

5th December : 3x Rain in all chats!

6th December: 8x Bonus Drops

7th December : Kevin's $100k Giveaway

8th December: 24x $2,000 Twitter Giveaways!

9th December: 5x Bonus Drops Per Day!

10th December: Eddie's Christmas Stream!

11th December: UFC 282 - Bet and Share in $100k!

12th December: 12x Bonus Drops

13th December: Post-Monthly Bonus - check your email!

14th December: 7x Bonus Drops Per Day!

15th December: 4x Rain in all chats!

16th December: 24x $2,000 Twitter Giveaways!

17th December: Drake Stream!

18th December: FIFA World Cup Final - Bet to Share in $100k!

19th December: 5x Rain in all chats!

20th December: 9x Bonus Drops Per Day!

21st December: 24x $2,000 Twitter Giveaways!

22nd December: 12x Bonus Drops

23rd December: 6x Rain in all chats!

24th December: Eddie's 250k Xmas Stream!

25th December : Million Dollar Race + Surprise coming tomorrow!